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Get In Back Of The Line Desktop: Mobile First Index is Here

mobile first index

It is finally here and being rolled out Mobile First Indexing. Historically, Google has primarily used the desktop version for search results, not anymore.  With mobile-first indexing Google will now predominantly use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking.  The new mobile-first indexing means that Google will look at your site’s mobile version before the desktop version, if a website has both, mobile will be the one indexed.  What should you know?  If your site is:

  • Desktop only – The mobile version is the same as the desktop version.
  • Canonical AMP – The mobile version is the same as the desktop version.
  • Separate URLS – Google prefers the mobile URL for indexing and will show the mobile over the desktop.
  • Responsive Web Design – The mobile version is the same as the desktop version.
  • Dynamic Serving URLS – Google prefers the mobile optimized content for indexing and will show this over desktop.
  • AMP and Non AMP – Google prefers the mobile version of the non-AMP URL for indexing and will show this over desktop and AMP.

Why mobile first indexing? Since more searches are now being done mobile devices than desktops, this is a way for Google to make sure that the users find content that’s optimized for their screen. If a site does not have a mobile-friendly version then Google will still crawl and index the site as-is.  As far as rankings goes. Google assures us that mobile-first indexing will not have an impact on rankings.

How will you know when your site is switched over to mobile first indexing? Sites that have been migrated to mobile-first indexing will be notified via Search Console. Site owners can also expect to see an increase in crawl rates from the Smartphone Googlebot.

Google has also warned that having a mobile-friendly version of the original desktop site might not be enough.  Google said “As always, ranking uses many factors. We may show content to users that’s not mobile-friendly or that is slow loading if our many other signals determine it is the most relevant content to show”.

The day of mobile first indexing has arrived.

Posted by Jupiter Digital Marketing 20 years of SEO