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Being listed in the TOP search engines is one of the best forms of internet advertising. Why have a website if no one sees it? SEO is a crucial part of the internet marketing strategies a website should utilize. Optimizing is not an easy task and some aspects can take a long time. SEO has many components. Each one of these components plays a key role in SEO. There is white-hat and black-hat SEO, just like the cowboys in the days of the wild west. The white-hats are the “good” SEO guys that play by the rules and black-hats do NOT play by the rules. Choose wisely and remember, this is your business. Utilizing black-hat SEO if caught can get your site banned.

Here is what we do. We begin by researching the most popular keywords for your industry (if you do not have a web page already, we can design a search engine friendly one for you). We then optimize your page(s) with our search engine optimization techniques in which we format your page(s) to rank high using your chosen keyword(s) or keywords we researched for you. When implementing search engine optimization (SEO) we take into consideration how search engines work and what people are searching for.

Local SEO

Creating a great Google Business listing can get you the exposure you want in your specific area. Whether you only work in a specific area or have several offices over the world, Google Business is something that is important for your business and website. We will create the perfect listing for you so you get the web presence you need.

Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public's perception of you or your business. Negative reviews about you or your business can be extremely damaging. We use specific techniques to ensure that when people search you or your business, they find positive information about you on the internet.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC advertising is another way of getting your site the exposure it needs to be successful. We will assist you with your keywords and help you to choose what will get you the most "bang for your buck". Choosing the right words is key when running a PPC campaign.

With today’s overwhelmingly heavy internet competition, one sure way to beat competitors and pull in prospective consumers is to have your site optimized to rank well in the major Search Engines as well as Geo Targeting your site to specific areas. Every internet marketing campaign or optimization of web page(s) begins with a live phone consultation to discuss your specific needs. Contact Jupiter Digital Marketing and Jupiter SEO today at 561-972-8354. We are committed to your Website Design and Digital Marketing needs with the highest degree of quality and experience

We provide the best social media solutions

Social media marketing is bringing promotion and attention to your site with the use of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + to gain traffic. When posting on social media we will optimize and research keywords. We use specific keywords so the postings we make will have a chance of the most visibility possible.

In order to run an effective social media campaign you need to catch people’s attention. Our designers can create a wide variety of graphics and design that fit your social media channels and audience. Jupiter Digital Marketing offers the set up, branding and optimization over these social media platforms: - Twitter - Facebook personal and business - Instagram - Google+ personal page and local business page - Pinterest - Linkedin

Design your site the way you want

Our Web Designers are dedicated to providing quality webpage designs, website development for search engine friendly pages that are affordable for you. At Jupiter Digital Marketing. we design and develop websites for businesses that are wanting to use the web as an integral part of their overall marketing plan. Step one is to have a visually pleasing site. Step 2 is to get noticed. We specialize in creating websites for law firms, health related sites and small business owners. We understand your needs and work with you from the first to last step of the design process.

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This SEO consultation includes: SEO Audit (if needed) How to create a search engine friendly website. (Optimizing content and tags) What to optimize and what not to optimize How to write the correct content so search engines understand your page What keywords you should optimize for How to GEO Target Why social media is important Local Optimization