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January 18, 2018
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The term SEO Expert and SEO Specialist is thrown around a lot in the digital marketing world.  Many people claim to be one or even say they have a “degree” in search engine optimization.  All I have to say is be careful when choosing someone to market your website and/or business.

seo specialistMany of these “experts” that get some SEO industry knowledge by reading some old blog and forum posts consider themselves to be a “specialist” with little or no actual hands on experience. Just because they read an article online or even worked at a search company for a few months or took an online course does not mean that they are a SEO expert. It takes many many years to fully understand this industry, and even when you think you know it all it changes again. The SEO industry is constantly evolving.

You may be asking yourself how do I know I am working with a SEO Specialist? Here are some tips and questions you should ask:

  • An expert will have no problem providing you with references and testimonials.
  • Checking out the companies website
  • Give some examples of keywords that they have ranked other clients for
  • Are they white hat or black hat
  • Do they practice old or stale SEO methods
  • How many years experience do they have
  • Do they know on page, off page and technical SEO

Bottom line is this when hiring an SEO consultant or company to optimize your website it’s very important to do some research yourself before you pull the trigger. After a little bit of research and a phone conversation, it will apparent who the real  SEO expert s are and remember you get what you pay for.