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October 9, 2018
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SEO in 2019. What to Look For?

seo in 2019

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that many websites use in order to get the most traffic possible from search engines. Developing search engine optimized websites allows for companies to remain competitive in their respective markets. Companies with websites that are better-optimized for search engines are able to attract more customers due to their upfront appearance under search results. SEO is a marketing strategy and does not include paid digital marketing strategies such as ad campaigns. Optimizing a website can be difficult and takes time to perform properly. SEO is something that you should consistently do as the search engines continue to adjust their individual algorithms. 

Responsive Webpages: Site Speed
4G and 5G high-speed internet connections have appeared on the market in recent years but it is still very important that your website loads quickly in 2019. There are several methods, such as having CSS and JavaScript load asynchronously, that you can utilize in order to make sure that your website is quick to access. Websites that are more responsive tend to retain more customers and perform better than slower websites. 

User Interface
Your website should be easy for customers to use. The interface should be simple and concise so that your customers understand how to use the website. A customer will not be compelled to revisit your website if they always struggle to use it. A website with a great UI/UX design will have a better bounce rate than a website that is poorly optimized. When determining relevance, search engines place a high amount of value on the bounce rate. The bounce rate indirectly informs search engines of how interesting your website is to users who clicked on it. 

Mobile First Indexing
For convenience reasons many people are beginning to access websites from their phones now rather than their computers. Search engines are starting to favor websites that are optimized for mobile devices and are giving webmasters various tools, such as the Mobile Indexing feature in Google Search Console, to ensure that users enjoy the mobile websites that they are visiting. Review your website on a mobile device and look to see how easy it is to use. As with the user interface of your website, you do not want for your audience to struggle when navigating your website on their phones. 

The realm of search engine optimization is constantly changing.
As companies continue to develop, platforms continue to change, and public interest continues to waver, marketing strategies have to adjust in order to adapt to these developments. Many of the strategies that worked several years ago are now irrelevant to the newest search engine algorithms. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, rank the relevancy of websites based on how well the website is optimized for specific search terms. By keeping your website both relevant and interesting to your audience you will maintain a website that is competitive in its market.

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