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March 27, 2018
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October 9, 2018
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Why Do I Need SEO For My Business?

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Starting and maintaining a business can be a difficult task. In fact, most businesses do not survive the first year or operation while others never make it to the fifth anniversary. Also, established companies may collapse if they do not adapt to changes. The best way to sell a business to potential customers is through marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a type of online marketing that involves getting organic results on search engines such as Google. Below are the reasons why your business might need SEO.

It Is the Most Popular Form of Online Marketing

In the recent past, internet usage has increased exponentially. Most business websites are nowadays relying on organic searches to attract visitors that might converse to potential customers. Google owns a significant portion of online traffic in the world. Additionally, it is also the biggest email provider with over a billion users. It means that a majority of the world population access the internet through Google at least once a day.

On the other hand, a study by Clutch indicates that over eighty percent of internet users find their content using search engines. Therefore, when done correctly, search engine optimization can significantly enhance your business visibility to a lot of people around the world. Although Google is popular, you should not assume other search engines such as Baidu, Bing, etc because they may also contribute to your visibility online.

Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

The initial cost of integrating SEO is high, and you are likely to experience a negative return on investment in the first months of operations. However, over time, the benefits that SEO will bring to your business will outweigh the cost. Research has shown that SEO marketing strategy is cheaper compared to other online marketing strategies such as pay-per-click marketing.

Organic Searches Are Increasing

According to Comscore, there are over twelve billion organic searches per month in the United States alone. Besides, Merkle’s Digital Marketing indicates that in the last two years, organic searches have received significant growth. Combined with the fact that the first results that appear of the search engine receive most of the clicks, benefits of having an effective SEO are limitless. Nowadays, over seventy percent of consumers are doing online research before making purchases.

Consumers Are Becoming Mobile

The proliferation of smartphones is increasing at a rapid rate and is now outpacing desktop computers. There is thus a profound need for digital marketing as a strategic and competitive advantage. The number of Smartphone users in the world is expected to surpass three billion in 2018, with a penetration rate of over sixty percent. The US has the third largest Smartphone users in the world after China and India. According to Search Engine Journal, mobile organic searches saw a growth rate of 15% YOY in 2017. In the US alone, Google indicated that ninety-six percent of site visit were through mobile organic searches in the last quarter of 2017. Other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo also recorded a significant number of mobile organic searches. Optimized search engines will enable your business to attract millions of consumers that are actively seeking for products and services through their mobile devices. As the number of Smartphone users is expected to increase, you should make your business ready by integrating effective SEO